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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Best Songs of Summer - My Top 7

For me, summer is the most delicious season of them all. It was hard to put these babies into order...so I didn't. Here's a collection of my all time favorite, summer lovin' beauties, in no particular order:

Boys of Summer by The Ataris. The song is originally by Don Henley and I love that version too. The Ataris version is a little faster and I dig it. Something about this song drives me wild. lol.    

Boys in the Summer by Jesse James. How hot is she?! This song, & music video especially, is the whip. Everything I love about summer; I would like to jump into this video clip and live there. Boys DO look so much hotter in the summer. Take your shirts off!!!


Whistle by Flo Rida. Oh Lord, don't even get me started. I have a slightly alarming obsession with this song. I thought by now I would be sick of it.... but um, nope.


Summertime by New Kids on the Block. Reminiscing about a summer lover from long ago, classic. Summer flings are the best. The memory of when you first met your summer honey in the sand is hard to forget.

Springsteen by Eric Church. I wish this song could get down on one knee and propose to me because I'm freaking in love with it. It's delicious all over and again, a song that looks back on their summer honey that got away.

Cruise by Florida Georgia Line. And the remix with Nelly, and "Get Your Shine On," AND "Round Here." LOVE 'em all. I'm really into this band and Tyler Hubbard (guy with the long hair.)


Wish You Were Here by Incubus. Brandon Boyd with his shirt off. Annnnnnnnnd, I completely forgot what I was going to say about this song.... sooo distracted...

Now get out there and light up a firework and eat a popsicle or something! Get outta here, the sun's out!


Sunday, June 30, 2013

10 Things Slutty Men Don't Realize

You know the kind of guy who will give it up for anybody? It's called being a "man slut." Females are familiar with the type... the guy who's been around the block a few times. Are they desperate for attention? Do they have mommy issues?

Hey fellas, you're skilled at your sport, but here's 10 things you may not realize:

1. Sorry but, we think you're gross. Who knows where that thing has been. Consider setting up a reoccurring appointment with your primary physician.

2. You've got "game," but you're playing pee-wee baseball & batting from a batting tee. I know you thought your type was "blonde" but it's more likely your type is "desperate." Why do you think its so easy for you to get laid with minimal effort?  

3. The more you sleep around, the more it's expected of you to be amazing in bed. You've been practicing; you should be good. Keep that in mind the next time you bring a random ho to the party you've just met online. You've just increased your personal percentage of in-bed expectation. ;)

4. Being in a relationship is how boys become men and really discover what it's like to satisfy a woman. THAT's where you begin to learn the good stuff and that's the trick to advancing to the majors. Non-relationship guys lack the most important skills that relationship guys have mastered.  

5. Simply being male isn't a good enough excuse for being a floozie. You can try and spin it as a positive and label yourself a 'player,' but at the end of the day: if you're easy to score - means you're a whore. You might want to keep your promiscuity on the down low. 

6. You probably have low self esteem. The satisfaction you feel from a one night stand is short and fleeting. A confident man feels successful and fulfilled in making the woman he loves happy everyday. Anything you invest your time and energy into will result in a bigger pay off. A confident man isn't easily discouraged by minor set backs. 

7. You probably lack courage. Many womanizers find a girl who stands out amongst the rest but resist acting on those feelings out of fear. Try being brave.

8. Yes, we are all wondering why you are still single.

9. If you lack relationship experience, you are screwing yourself for the future when your good looks have faded. Let's hope you have a sparkling personality.

10. You WILL be happier when you're in a relationship with someone you care about. You can try and convince yourself that being alone is your best option, but love is what makes the world go round. And it's in our biological makeup to desire a human connection.

Believe in yourself buddy! Advance to the majors!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Is Smoking Cigarettes Attractive?

You would think that smoking has to be considered somewhat attractive if approximately 43.8 million people smoke in the U.S. (according to a 2010 calculation by CDC.gov.) There's a lot of perks that come with smoking... smoke breaks at work, something to do while driving, a good buzz feeling, conversation starters. But does it make a person more attractive? Do the ladies prefer a man who smokes to one who doesn't? Do the guys want to wife a girl who has mastered the French inhale?

If it wasn't at all attractive, what would be the motivation to start? Are they paying homage to the great people in history and generations before them who were smokin' fags? Is it because the media has relentlessly glamorized it since the beginning of time and the tobacco companies downplay the health hazards? Are we brainwashed into thinking it's attractive or is it truly a sight for sore eyes? Many sexy people smoke. Aside from the smell, old-lady cough and leather skin, it's easy to see the appeal.

Do people purposely start smoking cigarettes to look more attractive, like Lindsay Lohan? "Approximately 90 percent of all smokers start before age 18; the average age for a new smoker is 13." (idph.state.il.us.) A common reason a kid would choose to do anything at that age is because they're desperately trying to fit in, look cool, or pretend to be somebody they're not. So it seems that a big motivator for these kids to pick up their first ciggy is to appear more socially acceptable & attractive. At least that's how it starts, but before they know it, they're addicted with no will power to do anything about it. What started as an awkward attempt to prove something as kid, has snowballed into a serious, life-long commitment.

So is it attractive? Obviously the chicks like it... right?

If a girl is into bad boys, she's probably someone who would find a smoker attractive. What makes bad boys attractive is their "I don't care what you think about me" attitude. If you don't care what others think of you, you are confident in your own skin, and that is what she's attracted to. If you take away the cigarette, you realize the attractive, confident man is still just as hot without the little white rolled paper.

(SIDE NOTE: Not caring about what others think of you is the ONLY thing that is considered attractive in regard to the "I don't care" bad boy attitude. Not caring about other stuff, like other people's feelings, laws, lacking ambition, etc, is NOT attractive.)  

Because most people tend to care a great deal about appearances, smokers must think they look attractive and not trashy at all every time they get the shakes and smack a square against their palm and take a puff. If it was UN-attractive, why would anyone do it? Why would anyone volunteer to poison their body and drain their wallet at the same time in return for a major pussblock?

So I bet you're dying to know if I personally find it attractive or not, aren't you? Hold on, I'm not done ranting yet...

The cigarette originates from the cigar. A cigarette is the smaller, more dainty version of a cigar. The real cowboys back in the day smoked big, fat cigars & pipes... none of this little, baby stick nonsense. I guess as time went on, men couldn't handle the incredible potency and strength of a real cigar and had to downsize to the "cigar-ette." That's kind of embarrassing. So in a way, smoking cigar-ettes (baby cigars) is actually pretty girlie.

So, to answer the question "Is Smoking Cigarettes Attractive?" Let me ask you this: is watching a grown man pretend to be a cowboy on the horsey ride @ the grocery store attractive?

I'll admit, there's something about the way your lips purse together when you take each drag that's pretty hot. And guys tend to get this "look" on their face when they're smoking, like they're starring as the lead in some western movie. And that look is pretty attractive. But what it really boils down to is PURSED LIPS and CONFIDENCE.

That's what is attractive boys, so loose the dainty sticks!

Probably the biggest turn off about smokers is that they come off as uneducated. The cancer causing chemicals in each stick can kill you, it makes you smell, turns your teeth yellow, accelerates the aging process, gives you wrinkles & brown spots, turns your skin gray & saggy, makes food taste bad and it's expensive. We can cut the generations before us some slack because back then, practically everyone, even doctors while they were examining you, smoked cigarettes. It wasn't as easy to get the cold hard facts back then; most people didn't even believe smoking was harmful. But we've come along way since then thanks to the good ol' internet. Now-a-days, there's simply no excuse.

So if you're going to smoke, at least smoke Natural American Spirit or roll your own using organic tobacco. It tells others that you're educated and take care of yourself. Because if you've done the research, it's not necessarily the tobacco that's bad for you, but the chemicals. If you KNOW this and STILL smoke the shitty stuff.................. then maybe you are kinda dumb.

And that's not attractive either.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Emotionally Unavailable or Secretly Gay?

Know the type? The guy who can't commit. The guy who's "Emotionally Unavailable." The guy who sends mixed signals by actively pursuing you but then doesn't really seem interested (like other guys would be) by the questions (or lack there of) he's asking you during a conversation. It's not just you; he does it with all girls. He's talks a lot about himself. The guy who would rather hang out with his buddies than you. The guy who avoids arguments and problems and shuts down soon as the moment threatens to become emotionally charged. The guy who breaks up with you after a couple weeks for the most ridiculous reason and pretends like it never happened. Yeah. The guy who never seems to be upset, angry, or depressed over his break ups. The guy who doesn't compliment you or make you feel especially attractive in his presence. The guy who says that you're "dating" but you hardly ever see him because his weekends are already booked with paintball, hunting, and football. The guy who is HOT and then COLD. He isn't interested in going out with you tonight but when you mention "Jeff" will be there he perks up and decides maybe he can go after all. Yeah, those guys. You're strutting your stuff in your lingerie and he doesn't even notice because he's engrossed with polishing his paintball gun, running the cloth up & down the shaft. ;) Seen em? Dated one?

Emotionally unavailable? Most definitely. For awhile I just left it at that, but lately I've been thinking.... is there more to the story? Are these guys in fact, secretly gay?! **Just to be clear, I think being gay is awesome & I totally support gay rights!**

Now, every woman is (I hope) equipped with what's called Gaydar. For those of you who don't know, Gaydar =  The supposed ability to discern whether a person is homosexual. Now I don't know about you but this is how my Gaydar works. When I "scan" a guy, he's either 1 of 3 types: Type 1- Guy makes eye contact and smiles, asks questions and tries to get to know me, laughs at my jokes, focused on me, very obliging, actions are consistent if not predictable = the HEALTHY, STRAIGHT MALE. Type 2- guy makes brief eye contact, head slightly lowered when around me, quick responses, seems slightly scared to be talking to me, gets away from me A.S.A.P. = The MARRIED, STRAIGHT MALE. Type 3- guy makes eye contact & is polite, isn't overly friendly, doesn't ask questions or try to get to know me, listens to what I have to say but isn't especially interested, distracted and attention is focused elsewhere, doesn't seem to notice me or anything I'm doing = the GAY MALE. I've encountered many guys who I can just tell are in the closet gays, even if they're married to a woman, doesn't matter. They're gay and I know it. (Come out of the closet boys, be true to yourself!)  

But every now and then... a new "type" flashes up on the Gaydar. The mysterious TYPE 4 male who show signs of a Type 1 50% of the time and Type 3 the other 50%. That's right doctor, symptoms of straight AND gay! That hot and cold crap. So what gives? I mean, our Gaydar sure isn't flagging them because better believe we wouldn't be dating them in the first place if that were the case! Are they just really shy and lack game or is our Gaydar failing us!? 

So let's run with the idea that the Type 4 male is secretly gay. He would now fall into 1 of 2 sub categories: Part A- Guys who know they are gay but refuse to admit it to anyone. They date girls to hide the fact that they're gay (beards), because it's socially expected of them, etc. That would explain why they pursue you in the beginning and act interested in order to tell people you're his "girlfriend," but it never turns into anything genuine. And then Part B- Guys who are in denial even to them self. They have fantasies about other guys and can't understand why. They try to turn it off because they desperately want to believe they are straight. Type 4 Part B boys are the very confused.

Great example of a Type 4 Part B male is Patrick Warburton's character in the movie Ted! The guy has never had a steady relationship and breaks up with girls after only a few months for superficial reasons. (In the movie he says he broke it off with the last girl because she farted in front of him.) His character seems very confused the entire movie, goes out and gets drunk nightly, and ends up being gay with Ryan Reynolds. And there you have it.

So what's the real story behind the Type 4 male? Is he secretly in love with this best bud since high school? That would explain the 8th grade photo of him and his buddy in their swim trunks labeled "best summer ever" and why he isn't calling you, a super sexy momma, more frequently. Or is he truly straight with a mega guard up? Immediately rejecting any feelings that come up even if they are good feelings (he likes you "too much" and backs off because he's scared of getting hurt.) That would explain why when he gets drunk you see a whole new side to him that likes to compliment you like crazy. They say that your true colors come out when you're drunk, which I agree with. So if he acts into you when he's drunk, it's probably a huge sign that he is in fact straight. Which brings us to the Type 4 Part C Male - The emotionally unavailable straight male who acts secretly gay, but isn't. When will the Type 4 male stop being so hot and cold?! Mixed signals like this are always confusing. Type 4 males speak up or else risk us ladies mislabeling you as gay! Unless, of course, you're secretly into that. ;)

-Cursive L.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The 10 Reasons Why I Stopped Using Plastic Water Bottles!

Are you still buying & drinking from plastic water bottles? Yikes. Good thing you found my blog! I filter regular tap water; it tastes great. If I'm on the go, I use a steel container (not aluminum!!) to drink out of. I will never buy plastic water bottles again & here's the 10 reasons why:

#1: Did you know that about 1/4 of all bottled water is actually TAP water? Dasani and Aquafina both admitted their product is nothing more than filtered TAP water! (You can do that for free at home.)
#2: Plastic water bottles are NOT safer than tap water (Plastic = BPA = Toxic = Cancer.) Advertisements have us brainwashed into thinking bottled water is safer than tap water, more pure, and from the mountains of Spring Water Happy-Land. (It's not.) 1 person from the FDA regulates the entire water bottle industry, aka nothing is really being regulated here.
#3: Water bottle companies (like Nestle, Pepsi, Coke) are taking fresh water from the Earth (for free), contaminating it with plastic, selling it back to us, and getting totally rich. (Who said that water was theirs?)
#4: These water bottle companies are corrupt and only care about power and money. (These guys claim water is "liquid gold" and are capitalizing on it BIG TIME). That pisses me off.
#5: These water bottle companies are barging into places like Maine, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Colorado, (just to name a few) and pumping (stealing) the water, causing lower water levels and throwing off natural ecosystems. (People aren't happy about that.)
#6: The plastic factories are using TONS of oil to make these bottles.
#7: The plastic factories where these billions of bottles come from are posioning the land and the people who live nearby because it is highly toxic.
#8: Americans use (and throw out) approximately 30 million plastic water bottles A DAY! The Earth is being seriously polluted because some of us are so wasteful.
#9: Even the bottles that are being "recycled" aren't actually getting recycled... more like piled up in landfills.
#10: It's a waste of your money! Water should be FREE!

I choose steel water bottles instead! You can purchase them from places like Kleen Kanteen, Reuseit.com, or Whole Foods to name a few. They are the way to go because stainless steel doesn't have those harmful toxins that plastic & aluminum has. I've read that glass is also a good option. Buy a water filtration system and hook it up to your tap. Reverse osmosis and activated alumina systems are great because they help to remove flouride found in tap. (I use Brita filters, but they do not remove flouride.) So there you go! These alternatives are more safe, environmentally friendly, and more affordable!  

So remember, big fat companies will say whatever they need to say to get you to buy their stuff, but don't fall for it! Most people believe everything they see on TV & read in magazines. Most people assume that their government has their best interest in mind. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. (It turns out the government and big companies only have their interests in mind). They've been selling us products that contain harmful toxins in them for years. You didn't think that cancer just "develops randomly," did you? If you put harmful poisons into your body, you'll develop cancer and disease over time. That's just what happens. But hey, don't take my word for it. Do some research yourself & get up to speed!

Check out this awesome video by The Story of Stuff Project that illustrates the truth behind bottled water and the importance of plastic bottle alternatives: 

Also, check out these two fantastic documentaries (that you can watch on Netflix) on bottled water that really spell out what's going on: FLOW and TAPPED. This blogger guy liked it too. Click the link to check out his blog entry/review.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Lion King - "Oh I Just Can't Wait To Be Queen!"

What is your favorite scene in the Lion King?

I saw the Lion King in 3D this weekend. It was an arm tingly-goosebump experience. I haven't seen this movie since I was a little girl. I went with my bf, brother, & young cousins. Seeing it on the big screen with the music blaring was really incredible & I encourage anyone who's reading this to go out and do the same. (Well, you have until this Thursday to do so.) I felt like a kid again & was tearing up as soon as the movie started! I know some people figured it would be blurry in 3D, however we did not find this to be the case at all! During the raining scenes, it actually looked like it was raining in the theater! (Ok, like cartoon rain, but you know what I mean.) Sharing this great movie from my past with the little ones in my family was awesome too. I forgot how exceptionally well crafted the Lion King really is! The music, by Elton John, is outstanding ... oh it really brought me back to the good old 1990s! Watching the Lion King as an adult is a totally different experience than when I saw it as a kid, too. I get the spiritual message of the movie and the life lessons it teaches, including to respect nature and how we are all connected. I'm not a huge "Disney" cheerleader, but this film sets the bar. As anyone born in the 80's would say, "it's a classic!" If it's been a few years since the last time you've popped this tape in the VCR, I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy and watching it as an adult. You'll have a whole new appreciation for it, I promise. ;)

Mufasa: "Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope. When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life."

That's what I'm talking about, baby! You know you love it!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Taking Pictures of Yourself In the Mirror is _______

What started as a way for self absorbed adults to showcase their supposedly "hawt" bodies online in order to attract attention and get laid, is now a growing epidemic among recently sprouting teens. It seems that every kid online has a picture of themselves, taken by themselves, with their camera phone, in the mirror. Some even have a few "albums" with several photos of pictures they took of themselves making different faces. Cute? No, it's insane. For some reason these kids think it's normal. And that's generation Z (the internet generation) for ya.

Here's my personal theory on how this all originated: Back in the 1990's when the internet was first becoming popular & these kids were just being born, men and women alike realized that if they pile on enough makeup or flex their stomach in the right lighting, they could appear more attractive than usual in a fuzzy, online photo. If they stick socks in their bra and crop half of their face out of the frame, it would be completely artificial, but still pass as "super cute" and they might even score an online date. Woo-hoo! Fast forward a couple years and along come digital cameras and camera phones. Now you can view yourself before you snap the picture and erase the ones where you look totally not cute. If your camera phone doesn't have a screen, you have to look at yourself in a mirror & then snap the pic in order to get something pretty. You don't have to actually be pretty, or know much about anything to get this to work for you. What a great invention!

So the internet is booming and these kids are hitting puberty, so they whip out the web cams and cell phones because they are fascinated with their new "developments." (LOL). All of a sudden, kids are passing for young adults, taking inappropriate pictures, and publicly disgracing themselves. And then Miley Cyrus takes a pic of herself showing her stomach and all goes to hell. It's like these kids are obsessed with doing this. And when you can't think for yourself, you look to others to tell you what's "cool" or "normal." They think that's normal and they also think it makes them look cool. And unfortunately for them, their awkward self discovery years are permanently online for all to see. This generation of kids is proving to me that playing with a cell phone, immediately following the Speak-N-Say, isn't exactly producing independent, well-rounded citizens here. I know I'm being a little harsh, considering they are kids and most kids are immature... but it seems that regular access to the internet at a young age (when your brain is still developing) is making it easier for kids to whore themselves out and choose conformity over individuality. It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

If your online profile picture is of you taking a picture of yourself in the mirror, you are more than likely: not creative, a follower, self absorbed, desperate for attention, immature, vain, etc.

Hopefully, they will all grow out of it and prove me wrong! So what do you think? Taking pictures of yourself in the mirror is ____________.