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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Is Smoking Cigarettes Attractive?

You would think that smoking has to be considered somewhat attractive if approximately 43.8 million people smoke in the U.S. (according to a 2010 calculation by CDC.gov.) There's a lot of perks that come with smoking... smoke breaks at work, something to do while driving, a good buzz feeling, conversation starters. But does it make a person more attractive? Do the ladies prefer a man who smokes to one who doesn't? Do the guys want to wife a girl who has mastered the French inhale?

If it wasn't at all attractive, what would be the motivation to start? Are they paying homage to the great people in history and generations before them who were smokin' fags? Is it because the media has relentlessly glamorized it since the beginning of time and the tobacco companies downplay the health hazards? Are we brainwashed into thinking it's attractive or is it truly a sight for sore eyes? Many sexy people smoke. Aside from the smell, old-lady cough and leather skin, it's easy to see the appeal.

Do people purposely start smoking cigarettes to look more attractive, like Lindsay Lohan? "Approximately 90 percent of all smokers start before age 18; the average age for a new smoker is 13." (idph.state.il.us.) A common reason a kid would choose to do anything at that age is because they're desperately trying to fit in, look cool, or pretend to be somebody they're not. So it seems that a big motivator for these kids to pick up their first ciggy is to appear more socially acceptable & attractive. At least that's how it starts, but before they know it, they're addicted with no will power to do anything about it. What started as an awkward attempt to prove something as kid, has snowballed into a serious, life-long commitment.

So is it attractive? Obviously the chicks like it... right?

If a girl is into bad boys, she's probably someone who would find a smoker attractive. What makes bad boys attractive is their "I don't care what you think about me" attitude. If you don't care what others think of you, you are confident in your own skin, and that is what she's attracted to. If you take away the cigarette, you realize the attractive, confident man is still just as hot without the little white rolled paper.

(SIDE NOTE: Not caring about what others think of you is the ONLY thing that is considered attractive in regard to the "I don't care" bad boy attitude. Not caring about other stuff, like other people's feelings, laws, lacking ambition, etc, is NOT attractive.)  

Because most people tend to care a great deal about appearances, smokers must think they look attractive and not trashy at all every time they get the shakes and smack a square against their palm and take a puff. If it was UN-attractive, why would anyone do it? Why would anyone volunteer to poison their body and drain their wallet at the same time in return for a major pussblock?

So I bet you're dying to know if I personally find it attractive or not, aren't you? Hold on, I'm not done ranting yet...

The cigarette originates from the cigar. A cigarette is the smaller, more dainty version of a cigar. The real cowboys back in the day smoked big, fat cigars & pipes... none of this little, baby stick nonsense. I guess as time went on, men couldn't handle the incredible potency and strength of a real cigar and had to downsize to the "cigar-ette." That's kind of embarrassing. So in a way, smoking cigar-ettes (baby cigars) is actually pretty girlie.

So, to answer the question "Is Smoking Cigarettes Attractive?" Let me ask you this: is watching a grown man pretend to be a cowboy on the horsey ride @ the grocery store attractive?

I'll admit, there's something about the way your lips purse together when you take each drag that's pretty hot. And guys tend to get this "look" on their face when they're smoking, like they're starring as the lead in some western movie. And that look is pretty attractive. But what it really boils down to is PURSED LIPS and CONFIDENCE.

That's what is attractive boys, so loose the dainty sticks!

Probably the biggest turn off about smokers is that they come off as uneducated. The cancer causing chemicals in each stick can kill you, it makes you smell, turns your teeth yellow, accelerates the aging process, gives you wrinkles & brown spots, turns your skin gray & saggy, makes food taste bad and it's expensive. We can cut the generations before us some slack because back then, practically everyone, even doctors while they were examining you, smoked cigarettes. It wasn't as easy to get the cold hard facts back then; most people didn't even believe smoking was harmful. But we've come along way since then thanks to the good ol' internet. Now-a-days, there's simply no excuse.

So if you're going to smoke, at least smoke Natural American Spirit or roll your own using organic tobacco. It tells others that you're educated and take care of yourself. Because if you've done the research, it's not necessarily the tobacco that's bad for you, but the chemicals. If you KNOW this and STILL smoke the shitty stuff.................. then maybe you are kinda dumb.

And that's not attractive either.



  1. For me, smoking is not attractive. It would make you look old. I don't consider it as a fashion and lifestyle as well just like other who did it. I am sure that I am free from nicotine smoke.

  2. As a boy, growing up in the 1980s, I was fascinated by women who smoked. My mom smoked, as did all her friends. Thus began my attraction to older women who smoked. Unlike young girls, they didn't hide it. As a matter of fact, they flaunted it. Cigarettes were just a component of their female accessories, like lipstick, or a necklace. When I was 15, I fell in love with my mother's best friend. When I was 21 and in my senior year of college, I got up the nerve to tell her about my feelings. We started dating secretly and were married a year later. I was 22. She was 45 and a three pack a day smoker. I felt so grown up being married to a glamorous and sophisticated older women who smoked. Yes, I found it attractive. Thirty years later, I'm still lighting her cigarettes and she's still turning me on with her smoking.